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Residential Architectural & Interior Design

Abigail is a business owner, traveler, and athletic adventurer. She seeks beauty, excellence, and quality in all of these pursuits. Her interests, as well as her New England background, influence her work as an interior designer.


Abigail has been providing beautiful transformations for her clients’ homes and businesses since 2004. Her exposure to different regions and architecture provides her with a library of ideas to draw from as she tailors each design to her individual clients. Details are her expertise. You can trust her to think of every convenience and to be thorough and flexible while problem solving.


Abigail’s clients have discerning taste, high standards, and specific needs. They are individuals, families, and businesses who seek architectural designs and interiors that fit their lives and reflects their priorities and passions.


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Abby is fabulous! She really listens to her clients. I was looking for casual and functional and that is what she gave me. She saved me money several different times without my asking. I have seen her high end design work that she has done for friends and it is impressive. Everyone I know who has used her is so very happy!

—  Lisa, Park City


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P.O. Box 98095 Park City, UT 84098